I am Leo Santisteban. I'm a 17-year-old photographer from Mexico. Since I can remember, my dad always showed me wildlife and nature documentaries on Nat Geo Wild, and since then, I’ve always loved nature. 

Then, when I was around 7-years-old, my parents gave me a tiny point-and-shoot camera as a Christmas gift. They say I was always taking pictures of everything. A few years and point-and-shoot cameras later, after saving money for months, I bought my first DSLR, which was what really made me absolutely fall in love with photography, and I want to keep improving until I can take photos that match the ones I always watched on TV, and maybe even film a wildlife documentary one day...

Through my journey as a photographer I have realized that photography is much more than just taking photos. It's also about the wonderful and therapeutic experience of being out there in the field, admiring and paying attention to wildlife and nature, and also about creating an impact on people with images that showcase the beauty of our environment, because, in our rapidly changing planet, nature needs our help more than ever before, but the change won't start until we all cooperate and work together. My mission as a photographer is to use photography as a tool to raise awareness about our environment and to create images that showcase the beauty and diversity of the Earth at the same time, to hopefully make people think-twice before harming nature in any way.